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custom home in oak brook IL

Oak Brook custom home design is a challenge. In fact, there are numerous elements and “moving parts” to consider. What architectural style best represents your personal aesthetic? What features and functionality will help you and your family get the most use out of your new home, increasing your enjoyment? What fixtures, finishes, materials, and textures do you prefer, and how can you combine them in a practical yet visually pleasing way? 

The design team at the Orren Pickell Building Group is ready to help. We understand that the Oak Brook custom home design process can seem overwhelming — and that’s why we work with you, step-by-step, to create an enjoyable, stress-free process.

We start things with a complimentary consultation. During that meeting, our design team will work to understand your vision and ideas, learning more about your needs, your lifestyle, and your preferences. We’ll also take the opportunity to show you examples of some of our past custom home designs, identifying features and functionality you may want to consider for your own home — and suggesting ideas you may not have thought of.

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to work with us, we’ll continue to guide you through the home design process, coalescing all of our ideas into a comprehensive design plan that fits your unique style. We’ll continue to gather your feedback and make adjustments to the design plan until you’re delighted and ready to start the build process.

And speaking of the build process — we can handle that too! Unlike other custom home design firms that develop design plans, then hand off those plans to a completely different company when it’s time for the house to be built, the Orren Pickell Building Group can handle your home from start to finish. Our design, architectural, and construction team will work together to ensure that the home you envisioned — the one you signed off on in your design plan — is the home that gets built, with no unwelcome last-moment surprises or compromises.

Ready to learn more about how the Orren Pickell Building Group can guide you through the Oak Brook custom home design process? Contact us today to schedule your consultation. 

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