Whole House Contemporary Remodel in Riverwoods

While Orren Pickell Building Group is often associated with new homes, our remodeling team has been making a name for itself through a long list of award-winning kitchen and whole-house renovations. Rob Oldenburg’s extensive flood and fire restoration expertise was recently called into play for a family home ravaged by fire after an appliance shorted out. The walls and structure were damaged by smoke and water from fire hoses, so the home needed to be fully gutted. The Pickell remodeling team worked with the family to redefine the layout by moving the kitchen walls into the existing screen porch to open up the tiny kitchen and updating the family room and other areas to suit the way the homeowners live today.

For most Pickell remodeling clients, it doesn’t take a fire to spur a fresh look at the family home. As houses age, families grow and change, and tastes evolve, updating the home is a smart way to retain and enhance the value of this long-term investment.