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The Orren Pickell Team Delivers Luxury Home Renovations

Known best for designing multimillion dollar custom homes, Orren Pickell has a team of in-house architects, kitchen and bath designers and expert trim carpenters, as well as access to reliable, trusted subcontractors to help us complete jobs on time and on budget. And for our remodeling work, we draw upon those same resources to ensure that your renovation experience is equally top-notch. Unlike other companies, Orren Pickell is a full-service design/build/remodeling firm; the same architects and builders whose work is featured in Dream Kitchens & Baths and Luxe Interiors + Design are the experts who will be working on your remodeling project.

Our Design/Build/Remodeling Process, Step-by-Step:

Your Orren Pickell design consultant will work with you throughout the design and build process to ensure you questions are answered and your expectations are exceeded. Here’s our process in detail:

Couple Getting Ready for a Remodeling Project

Information Gathering and In-Home Consultation

Get in touch with Orren Pickell to schedule a no-cost in-home consultation. We’ll set up a time for one of our remodeling consultants to meet with you at your home to discuss your renovation ideas and identify the challenges and issues you’re facing. We’ll tour the specific area(s) in your home that you wish to renovate and will talk about what’s working, what isn’t and how the space may better serve you. Our remodeling consultant will take advantage of cutting edge technology, including laser tape measures and iPad-enabled whole room scanners that allow us to take extremely precise measurements and photos of the area(s), aiding us in quicker, more accurate designs, estimates and projects down the road. We’ll also share before and after examples of other remodeling projects that Orren Pickell has completed to showcase the quality of our work and give you ideas for your own home and will answer any questions you have at that time about the way that we work and our process.

Design / Remodel Agreement Laid Out

Design Agreement, Budget and Design Presentation

Assuming you like our approach and feel that Orren Pickell is a good fit for your remodeling needs, after our meeting and information gathering appointment you’ll sign our design agreement. At that point, your Orren Pickell remodeling consultant will take everything they gathered and will work with our team to develop an initial design concept for your review. Understanding that your time is valuable, we’ll work with you the way you work best, meeting in-person or online to review drawings, images and floor plans. We’ll also provide firm cost estimates and budgets. We’ll collect all of your feedback and will incorporate it into the next version of the design, reworking the plan and the budget until we deliver the final layout that perfectly suits your needs.

Finalizing Blueprints for the Remodeling Project

Readying Plans & Blueprints

After you approve the design concept(s) and budget, your remodeling consultant will submit them to our in-house architects who will begin readying the blueprints that will be submitted to the appropriate local offices for approval, as well as used by our in-house building staff during the actual construction process. Our company prepares meticulous blueprints ensuring that all trades accurately follow and execute the design our clients want.

Reducing Costs - Bid Sheet

Collecting Competitive Bids

With an eye toward keeping costs low and quality high, the Orren Pickell team seeks competitive bids from a select pool of Chicago-area subcontractors with whom we have long-standing relationships. From roofing and plumbing to electrical and HVAC work, Orren Pickell’s buying power and reputation for excellence ensures fair pricing along with high caliber results for our custom needs.

Remodeling Construction Site

Construction and Project Management

Your Orren Pickell home remodeling project will have its project manager, who will meet with you prior to construction starting and will be there throughout the project. Your project manager will handle all required building permits, will oversee all construction activity and will be the one who can answer any questions you have and give you updates on your project’s progress. Your project manager is there to make sure that everything is going smoothly; s/he’s the one who will worry about the details, so that you don’t have to.

Family Starting a Residential Project Walkthrough

Project Completion/Walkthrough

With your custom remodeling project coming to a close, we want to ensure you’re completely satisfied. Your Orren Pickell project manager will work with you to create a punch list of any items that need to be completed or corrected, and will get answers to any remaining questions you may have. We’ll also make sure you have copies of any manufacturer’s guides or other paperwork related to items installed during your remodel.

We've Got You Covered - Remodeling Project Warrantee

Warranty Execution

Orren Pickell is a contractor that stands behind each and every customized / high end home remodeling project with a one-year comprehensive warranty, plus an extended home maintenance program which is available for purchase. Contact us for more details.

Your Remodeling Dreams Begin with a No-Cost Consultation

Ready to get started with your Chicago / North Shore remodeling project? Let us show you how the Orren Pickell process is different. Get in touch with us today for your free in-house consultation.