Working With Chicago’s Award-Winning Basement Remodeling Contractors

In many Chicago homes, basements go wildly underutilized. You have all of this square footage but may have no idea where to start. After all, in many homes the basement is literally a blank slate, an open area that can be any number of different things—and if you aren’t careful, it can end up being a catch-all for everything, used as a random storage area, laundry area and kids play area with no space being truly defined.

Transforming your basement or lower level into luxurious, functional living space increases value and livability. Take full advantage of your lower level square footage by working with the Orren Pickell team to define and design the space. Our team has the design, engineering and project management experience to transform your underused basement space into a comfortable and popular place to relax, work out and entertain, often away from the rest of the house, which helps mute noisy—but fun-filled—activities like playing pool, watching a comedy on a big screen or just casually gathering with friends and family.

Transform Your Basement / Lower Level Living Space with Orren Pickell

Orren Pickell Remodeling Group has the experience and top talent to help you maximize your lower level into functional—and beautifully constructed—living space. Whether you want to add extra storage, extend your living space or build a state-of-the-art media room, our Pickell team will transform what may feel like a cave into an open, airy, and light-filled area. Imagine these other possibilities:

  • A custom wine cellar
  • Additional bedrooms
  • A beautiful guest bathroom
  • Gaming rooms
  • Your own home gym or serene yoga studio
  • A full-featured bar
  • Relaxing living areas

Look to the Orren Pickell Building Group to give you just what you’re looking for and more. Our designers will sit down with you to identify your needs and wants, then bring ideas to the table that you may not have considered. Once you’ve agreed to a plan, our team will ensure that construction goes smoothly, with minimal disruption to life upstairs.

Additionally, our team of experts understands that below grade areas require special attention be given to issues like lighting, moisture prevention, heating and ventilation. As a result, we masterfully design and transform spaces that will be comfortable, functional, and long-lasting.

Wine cellar
Home gym

Tackling All the Details of a Custom Basement Remodel

Orren Pickell can finish your basement / lower level as well. If you have a basement or lower level that’s still a shell, we can transform it into a new living space that serves as much more than a dimly-lit area where you try to spend as little time as possible. No matter if your lower level is currently serving as a catch-all storage facility, is a place that you begrudgingly do the family laundry but little else or is an area where you’re afraid to let the kids go and play, we can brainstorm possibilities with you to uncover its true potential. Show us your unfinished basement and we’ll show you what we can do!

More than a Basement Remodeling Contractor

Schedule your no-obligation consultation this week. Sit down with one of our experienced designers to find out what you may be able to create within your current lower-level space. Call us today—we’ll help transform your basement one of your favorite parts of your home.