Lincolnshire Illinois Home Design, Build, Remodeling, and Maintenance

Whether you’re finally ready to settle in picturesque Lincolnshire, Illinois, and embark on the journey of constructing the luxury custom home you’ve always envisioned, or if you already own a splendid residence in Lincolnshire and are looking to undertake some updates and enhancements, we are here to assist you. At the Orren Pickell Building Group, our seasoned team of designers, architects, construction experts, and artisans has been crafting exquisite homes for over four decades. When it comes to your Lincolnshire property, don’t leave it to just any firm—opt for the design/build firm trusted by your friends and neighbors. Choose Orren Pickell. Reach out to us today to arrange your complimentary consultation.


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Lincolnshire Custom Home Design

When it comes to selecting a custom home design firm in Lincolnshire, IL, you’re presented with numerous options. However, there’s one standout choice: the Orren Pickell Building Group. Since 1972, our team has been dedicated to assisting homeowners in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas in designing and building exquisite, inviting, and opulent custom homes. Whether you envision a stately contemporary farmhouse adorned with rich wood and rustic design elements or you prefer the charm of a country estate featuring spacious porches for outdoor gatherings, trust the Orren Pickell Building Group to transform your dream into a tangible reality.

Lincolnshire IL Home Remodeling

If you’re a homeowner in Lincolnshire, Illinois, like many others, you might be contemplating renovating your current residence to align it better with your evolving needs. Look no further than the Orren Pickell Building Group for assistance. Our team of acclaimed architects, designers, and master craftsmen, renowned for their award-winning luxury homes, will oversee every aspect of your remodeling project, ensuring excellence from inception to completion. If you prioritize top-notch quality, meticulous attention to detail, and unparalleled service, opt for the remodeling firm that comes highly recommended by your friends and neighbors: Orren Pickell.

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Lincolnshire IL Home Additions

Let’s address this reality: families evolve, and so do their needs, but homes often remain the same. Are you seeking additional space in Lincolnshire, IL? Perhaps, like many families, you’re grappling with the challenge of accommodating two spouses working from home simultaneously. Or maybe you have growing teenagers or aging parents to consider. Whatever prompts your need for more space, the Orren Pickell Building Group is here to provide solutions tailored to your unique situation in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

Lincolnshire IL General Contractor

In Lincolnshire, Illinois, residents are presented with numerous options for general contractors. But what sets Orren Pickell Building Group apart and makes it the preferred choice for so many? It’s our unmatched reputation. Since 1971, we have been dedicated to assisting homeowners in Lincolnshire and throughout the region in crafting, constructing, rejuvenating, and upkeeping their personalized luxury residences. When you inquire with your acquaintances and community members about their preferred general contractor, you’ll consistently hear the name Orren Pickell. Reach out to us today for further details on our comprehensive general contracting services. Your dream home awaits!

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Lincolnshire IL Kitchen Remodeling

In Lincolnshire, Illinois, kitchen remodeling stands as one of the most sought-after renovation endeavors across the nation. This trend can be attributed to the fact that your kitchen often reflects your home’s true age more prominently than any other space. If your kitchen is in dire need of modernization and an aesthetic lift, look no further than the expertise of the Orren Pickell Building Group. With a history dating back to 1971, we have been guiding homeowners in Lincolnshire to metamorphose their kitchens, turning them from dated eyesores into exquisite showcases of elegance. Explore our kitchen transformation solutions today and let your culinary haven shine anew!

Lincolnshire IL Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom renovation is a highly sought-after home improvement project in Lincolnshire, Illinois, and beyond. The allure lies in the ability to revamp your primary or guest bathrooms, incorporating fresh layouts and upgraded features to seamlessly harmonize with your home’s overall aesthetic. If the time has come for you to embark on bathroom renovations in your Lincolnshire residence, turn to the expertise of the Orren Pickell Building Group. Contact us today to explore our portfolio showcasing impressive bathroom remodeling projects and share your unique renovation requirements. Let’s transform your bathrooms into the epitome of style and functionality.

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Lincolnshire IL Basement Remodeling

Are you searching for a way to expand your living space in Lincolnshire, Illinois? Look no further than your basement. Like many homeowners, you may not be fully utilizing this area to its potential. If your basement is in need of a makeover, transitioning it from a mere “catch-all” space, often reserved for the kids, into a luxurious and visually stunning extension of your home is well within reach. Reach out to the Orren Pickell Building Group, and allow us to share our wealth of ideas on transforming your basement into an inviting haven that you and your family will relish spending time in. Elevate your living space today!

Lincolnshire IL Custom Cabinetry

Linens, towels, canned goods, dry essentials, pots, pans, baking utensils, winter coats, and summer playthings – what unites all these items? When they’re not in use, they require a storage solution, and custom cabinetry provides an elegant and practical answer. Unlike mass-produced store-bought cabinets, custom cabinetry is meticulously crafted to precisely fit your individual space. At the Orren Pickell Building Group, our in-house cabinetry division, CabinetWerks, stands prepared to handcraft cabinets tailored to your exact requirements. Discover the seamless blend of beauty and functionality that custom cabinetry can bring to your Lincolnshire, Illinois home today!

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Lincolnshire IL Handyman Services

If you’re like the majority of homeowners in Lincolnshire, you understand the importance of preserving your home to safeguard your investment. However, with work, family responsibilities, volunteering, and other commitments, it can be challenging to find the time for maintenance chores. Even when you entrust these tasks to professionals, you still need to invest time researching, contacting, and overseeing various service providers.

If you’re eager to streamline and simplify your home maintenance responsibilities and seek a dedicated partner to assist you, we’re here to help.

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