Created shortly before you close on your home, a “punch list” is simply a list of any remaining items that need to be addressed before the project is considered complete. To create this punch list, your project manager will join you for a comprehensive walkthrough of your home to identify anything that is incomplete, in need of repair, or otherwise requiring attention—typically minor things like paint touch-ups, backordered bathroom fixtures, etc. 

List in hand, our dedicated punch list team jumps into action, addressing as many items as possible prior to closing. And if we aren’t able to finish everything—for example, because we’re waiting on a custom light fixture to be delivered—we’ll schedule a post-closing service date that works with your schedule. During this service date, our team will resolve any remaining items and address any new concerns that have arisen since you moved into your home.

Service Beyond the Closing

Orren Pickell’s commitment to quality and service continues well beyond the sale of your home. What if something comes up three months after closing? We’ve got you covered. Orren Pickell offers a standard one-year warranty on all of our custom homes. If any problem or issue arises, a simple call to our team is all it takes to get it resolved.

First Anniversary Walkthrough

To ensure that you’re completely satisfied and delighted with your Orren Pickell home, we proactively schedule another punch list walkthrough near your one-year anniversary. Similar to our initial walkthrough, this anniversary walkthrough ensures that we can resolve any potential issues that have sprung up since you moved into your new home—quickly and fully.

Ongoing Maintenance

To help keep your home and its systems in tip-top shape for many years to come, Orren Pickell offers custom home maintenance services. Many homeowners opt for our semi-annual maintenance contract, allowing Orren Pickell’s dedicated maintenance team to provide scheduled and on-call service. From a last-minute plumbing emergency to a planned HVAC system tune-up, one call to our maintenance group is all it takes to handle any maintenance need.