Innovative Technology

Known for years for our innovation in home design, the Orren Pickell Building Group is increasingly becoming known for our innovative technology that helps keep homeowners informed and involved in the home building process. The Orren Pickell Portal™ is an award-winning online client project management software that lets you see exactly where your home is in the design/build process.

Our laser room scanner creates 3D renderings of the existing space down to the ¼ inch to speed along the remodeling process, and our 65” touch screen allows clients to draw right on their blueprints to communicate their desires during our design meetings.

Your Home Website Shows You What’s Happening

Clients love the convenience of the Orren Pickell Portal™ and we bet you will too. The Orren Pickell Portal™ will show you all of your home specifications renderings blueprints, and a gallery of photos of your home during different times in the construction process. You can easily save photos from your gallery to share with family and friends.

Access and Approve Contract, Change Orders with Line-by-Line Transparency

Additionally, the Orren Pickell Portal™ makes it easy for you to access your contract and change orders with line-by-line transparency, so that you can see exactly how changes have impacted your overall cost. More than just an online portal that keeps you updated on your home’s construction progress, The Orren Pickell Portal™ allows you to actively interact with your project manager, communicating, making decisions and providing approvals. You can actually review detailed specifications for selections, review final change order notations and approve change orders within the website, and if you have any questions getting help from your project manager is only a click away.

Easily Check Your Construction Schedule

Keeping an eye on the timing of your home building or remodeling project is also easy to do within the Orren Pickell Portal™. Get an at-a-glance daily, weekly or monthly view of where your project stands, when work will resume, or check your scheduled close date by simply visiting your customized client website. And you can rest easy knowing that all of the websites are password protected, keeping your private photos and information safe from prying eyes.

An Online Record of Your Home’s Products and Finishes

The Orren Pickell Portal™ serves as an online record of every product that goes into your home, from flooring to roof and everything in between. And the website is yours, and will remain online in perpetuity. This means that anytime you need to know something about your home—from the manufacturer of the hardwood floors in your kitchen to the exact name of the color of paint used in your master bedroom—you can log into your Orren Pickell Portal™ and find it.

Mobile Optimized for Your Busy Life

We understand that your life is busy, and you may need to access the Orren Pickell Portal™ website on-the-go. That’s why our technical team made sure that these websites are fully mobile-optimized; so you can just as easily view construction photos, accept change orders or check your construction schedule as if you were on a laptop or desktop computer. And just like on the web-optimized version of the site, help is only a click away if you need it.