Competitive Bidding Keeps Costs in Check

Over the past 40 years, The Orren Pickell Building Group has developed a network of high-quality subcontractors with whom we regularly work. These subcontractors provide electrical, HVAC, plumbing and other services and have proven over the decades to deliver excellent results on-time and within budget.

We turn to these subcontractors when it is time to gather competitive bids of our remodeling or home building projects, asking them to provide us with their best possible pricing for their service. We competitively bid every project, with multiple vendors in each category to ensure that we keep costs low while keeping service quality high.

Open Book Pricing

Open book accounting allows for complete transparency of costs during the building process of your new home. And because Orren Pickell Building Group adheres to open book pricing and has the technology to support this transparency, you’ll be fully aware of the costs of all of the goods and services utilized for your project, real-time on your website including the exact margin that we charge. All open book costs are viewable from the Home Navigator website for every trade at every step of the construction process.

  • Open Book Pricing Creates a Collaborative Approach. There are a number of benefits to open book pricing in addition to the sense of trust that the transparent pricing provides. But the biggest benefit of open book pricing is that it allows us to take a collaborative approach. Because you and the Orren Pickell team want the exact same thing—to get the best possible quality end result for the lowest possible price—we can concentrate on working together to finalize design decisions and develop cost-effective solutions to any changes.
  • Open Book Pricing Leads to Lower Costs. Additionally, open book pricing tends to lead to lower overall costs. Home builders who provide fixed bid quotes must factor in a “cushion” to account for a wide variety of variables and unknowns that may occur during the building or renovation project—the last thing they want to do is to have to come back and request more money from you before the project is complete.

Using the open book pricing approach offered by the Orren Pickell Building Group, the only cushions you’ll need are those on your patio chairs.

Gain Project Momentum Before All Details Have been Decided

Open book pricing also allows the Orren Pickell Building Group to begin the project before every last detail has been decided. This is great for situations where you feel confident about the major aspects of the project but are in the process of finalizing decisions about the specific finishes, colors and details you want to use in particular rooms. Your project manager will be able to coordinate with you and the construction team to get things started, being sure to give you firm deadlines for decisions so you can keep costs under control.

Working with the Title Company

Orren Pickell treats your money like our money. We pay our vendors only on work that has been completed and through a title company. In doing to, we ensure that all vendors that work on your home have provided partial or full waiver of lien—protecting you and your home.