Impressive entry doors, intricate crown molding, trim elements for built-in custom cabinetry—these are just a few of the final details that add elegance and give any luxury home a completely finished look. At Pickell, these exceptional finishing touches are entrusted to the extremely capable craftsmen of the Orren Pickell Trim Division. This outstanding team of professionals has the experience, talent and an unsurpassed dedication to a time-honored craft, which they bring to every project they undertake. From the simplest installation of a bathroom vanity cabinet to the seamless alignment of elaborate, curved moldings, the Orren Pickell Trim Division will ensure that any finish carpentry project is completed to your satisfaction and to their own demanding specifications.

Pride in Our Carpentry Work

  • Each member of the Orren Pickell Trim Division brings decades of experience to our projects.
  • All of these talented individuals take great pride in their work and bring an unsurpassed level of diligence and attention to detail to each custom home we build.
  • Every element they install will be perfectly and seamlessly aligned, leveled and secured to achieve optimum durability and aesthetic appeal.

Beauty in the Finished Product

  • Trust that we secure materials from some of the most respected vendors in the industry and we only accept deliveries that meet or exceed our quality standards.
  • Learn about the myriad choices available to you; The Orren Pickell Trim Division will help you select the most appropriate materials for every project.
  • Appreciate the time and attention this team will dedicate to your home. We know that even the smallest detail can provide the biggest impact.

Top Quality in All We Do

  • Experience, craftsmanship, pride—the perfect combination to ensure an outstanding outcome.
  • Vast selection, quality materials, and expert installation come together to achieve the perfect look for your new custom home.
  • Beauty, function, longevity—from initial installation and for years to come, our goal is to ensure that all of the woodwork in your home will be a continuous source of pride.