Orren Pickell: What Makes Us Different

There are many design/build firms from which to choose in the Chicago area, but the area’s most discerning homeowners choose Orren Pickell. Why? Because not only do we consistently get top honors in many of the area’s design and building awards, but we’re also decidedly different in a number of other ways.

A Full-Service Firm

Some firms are able to design a beautiful home, but bid it out to be built. Others may be able to design and build it, but bring in subcontractors to handle the kitchen cabinets and leave punch list items and maintenance to yet another team. Only Orren Pickell is a true full-service firm, offering design/architecture, construction—including kitchen cabinets, and ongoing maintenance of your home.  Learn more.>>

Design Expertise

Renowned throughout the Chicago area for our incredible designs, Orren Pickell and his team of licensed architects and designers have the passion, education and real-world experience necessary to bring your dream to reality. And the industry agrees; the company holds more than 350 awards for design and innovation and the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago has honored the firm with nine Crystal Key Awards, its highest honor.  Find out more.>>

Open Book Pricing

At Orren Pickell, the collaborative approach we take to business extends all the way to how we approach our fees. With open book pricing, we show you exactly what costs are incurred for goods and services related to your project, with an eye toward minimizing costs wherever possible. This transparent approach keeps you informed and allows us to work together to take advantage of cost savings throughout the process. Learn more.>>

Accurate Forecasting During Design

No one appreciates surprises—especially when they come with a much larger price tag or much longer time frame than anticipated. Our design team excels at providing precise budgets within the design phase of the project so that we can set the right expectations, mapping out realistic project timelines and appropriately planning for expenditures. More info.>>

Innovative Technology

What if you could access your new home’s drawings, in-progress construction photos, schedule closing date and even view and approve your change orders all from the convenience of your laptop or mobile phone? With the Orren Pickell Portal™ you can! We provide every client with a secure project website where you can view images and documents related to your home, make design choices and much more. Learn more.>>

checklist with blue tick marks

Dedicated Punch List Team

What’s the difference between a good home and an amazing home? It all comes down to the details—and at Orren Pickell, we don’t rest until we get all of those details just right. We’ll join you for a punch list walkthrough before you close on your new home, assessing every room from top to bottom and noting your concerns. Once our list is created, our dedicated punch list team gets to work, ensuring every last detail is perfect. More info.>>

In-House Maintenance Team

Unlike other design/build firms that outsource maintenance tasks or that don’t offer maintenance services at all, Orren Pickell has in-house staff dedicated to tackling ongoing maintenance. Those same staffers are also ready to handle the punch list items identified on your final walkthrough, so your home is truly move-in ready when we hand you the keys. Get more info.>>

Experience and Industry Reputation

There’s no substitute for 40 years of real-world experience, and our glowing client testimonials, extensive portfolio, press clippings, awards and reviews speak for themselves. We strive to go above and beyond on every project we do and to exceed our client’s expectations, and we’re delighted to have earned the respect of our customers and our peers. See more.>>

hands holding yellow house representing home warranty

Superlative Warranty Service

Many design + build home builders offer a warranty on their homes. But Orren Pickell goes above and beyond with our warranty service for both new construction and remodels. Only Orren Pickell has a dedicated transition team, a group of professionals who work with you from construction, through your punch list, and into the maintenance phase, ensuring that every aspect of your home meets (or exceeds) your expectations. Get more details>>

family photo of eric, lisa, orren, and tina pickell
Eric, Lisa, Orren, and Tina Pickell

Family-Owned and Operated

Orren Pickell didn’t start out as a luxury home builder—in fact, as a young man he was just your average college kid, painting houses on the side as a way to help take care of his tuition and expenses. Fast forward 40 years, and Orren is CEO of the Orren Pickell Building Group and his daughter Lisa is President of the organization.
Find out more.>>

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Building a home with the Orren Pickell Building Group is a different experience than you’ll find working with any other firm. Let us show you what the ideal luxury homebuilding experience should be. Get in touch today for your no-obligation consultation.