When you’re working on the design of your new custom luxury home, your Orren Pickell design team will talk with you about your home’s elevations designs, specifically the front elevation and the rear elevation. And the reason they’ll do this is to ensure that your home’s exterior suits your tastes and your needs, allowing you to get as much enjoyment from your home’s outside as you do actually living in it.

Home elevation designs provide you with a detailed, two-dimensional illustration of what your finished house will look like from a central point in your front or back yard. You’ll be able to visually discern the different materials used in the facade (for example, natural stone and stucco siding, cedar shake shingles, etc.) and will see where necessary elements like fireplace flues and rain guttering will be placed.

Front Elevation=Curb Appeal

Also referred to as your “entry elevation,” for most homes the front elevation of your home is the part that everyone sees, so thinking about curb appeal is a must. Your building lot, topography and even existing trees and plants should inform your front elevation so that your home fits comfortably onto your site rather than feeling like it has been “plopped” onto the land. Your Orren Pickell design team will work with you to create a front elevation that is beautiful, welcoming, and sets the tone for the rest of your home.

Maximize Livability with a Stunning Rear Elevation

As today’s home buyers are putting more emphasis on the desire for outdoor living spaces, detailed rear elevations have become increasingly important. Outdoor kitchens and dining areas complete with fireplaces, built-in fire pits, covered seating areas, and other custom features increase your home’s value and its livability. Whether you’re interested in creating multiple outdoor living areas in your home’s backyard or you simply want to maximize the water views from your home’s interior, your Orren Pickell design team will guide you through the process of designing a rear elevation that suits your lifestyle.

We’d love to brainstorm front and rear elevation options for your new site and new home. Get in touch for a free consultation.