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If you’re searching for reliable handyman services in Hinsdale, you don’t need to look any further than the Orren Pickell Maintenance Group. We make maintaining and repairing your Hinsdale home easy and hassle-free. 

Keeping your home in tip-top shape is an integral part of protecting your investment. But if you’re like many Hinsdale homeowners, you don’t have the time or patience to research, contact, and follow up with numerous service providers and maintenance technicians. And if an emergency arises — a pipe bursts or your air-conditioning stops working on the hottest day of the summer — you’re often stuck at the mercy of whoever answers their phone first, crossing your fingers that they resolve your problem without introducing another.

Let the Orren Pickell Maintenance Group help. Once only available to Orren Pickell’s building and remodeling clients, we’re delighted to announce that our handyman services are now available to all Hinsdale homeowners, regardless of who built your home.

Orren Pickell’s maintenance team can assist with both emergencies and planned maintenance. Whether you want a yearly checkup of your heating and air-conditioning systems, have a growing to-do list of items around your home, notice a dripping sink or leaking toilet, or come back from vacation to find that your garage door won’t open, we can help. 

The Orren Pickell Maintenance Group can handle any maintenance or home repair issue you’re facing. And we have annual contracts available, letting you set up ongoing proactive maintenance tasks for your home and its systems. Get in touch with us today for more information on how our maintenance services can help protect your home and make your life easier.

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