Great Lines Call for a New Look

In spite of its pleasing, contemporary design, this home was looking tired. Shiplap siding, installed at an angle to match the roof lines on the outside walls, made the house feel out of date. What’s more, the siding was causing ongoing maintenance issues, especially where the wood was coming into contact with plantings at ground level.

The Pickell team was asked to retain the essential character of the home while updating the facade. As the designers went to work, they proposed some small but significant changes. For example, Pickell recommended making the center portion of the split gable more visually pronounced, replacing the stucco with something that would enhance its vertical lines. After exploring a variety of cladding materials, from stained cedar to charred shou sugi ban, the team and client agreed upon a beautiful composite tongue and groove decking, with a distinct color contrast to bring focus to the center section. In fact, all of the exterior faces were changed to vertical siding that ties all of the elements together.

To break up the massive vertical planes, the designers also brought in louvered metal roof structures with cable rail attachments over each garage door, which connect to visually to the windows above. In addition, a custom roof was added above the front door. The covered entry is not only more practical, it makes the door feel better proportioned to the rest of the home. Exterior paint and new landscaping completed the refresh.