We need your support to help spread the word about the good work we do. Please share your past and current experiences of what it’s like working with us.

Our journey began approximately ten and one half years ago when we first became acquainted with Mr. Orren Pickell, his well respected business, and artistically talented professional staff. Beginning with our very first encounter at an OPDB open house, the road we ultimately chose to travel along together has been abundantly fun, amazingly memorable and a continuously enriching experience.

The pleasure truly began when we brought the Pickell group into our lives; sharing our wishes, ideas and visions to build a homestead, that nearly three years later turned into a reality for our daily living. From our meetings to discuss the architectual elevations and floor plans, to the detail and selection process, to the financial planning stage, we derived great pleasure working in tandem with Orren’s organization. That journey took us to a new destination, the creation of OUR HOME. The finished product was even more beautiful than anticipated and far exceeded our hopes and dreams. We believe that the Pickell name is synonymous with fine quality craftsmanship that remains unsurpassed.

Now having resided in our home for seven and a half years we find ourselves still as excited to return home as the day we moved in. We also entrust our twice-yearly maintenance to the Orren Pickell Maintenance Group, knowing that our home will be monitored and maintained with the same integrity with which it was originally built.

With unquestionable certainty and strong passion, we believe in Orren and the OPDB organization and continue to recommend this fine business to prospective new home builders, those remodeling and anyone in need of quality maintenance. We are thrilled to be navigating down the ‘high road’ with such a wonderful company.

We wish Orren and his team the very best and continued success……

Yvonne and Alan Cutler

We designed, built (1999) and continue to maintain my home with Orren Pickell. We had an image in our home but with the help of the Pickell team it became much better than we have every expected. We asked to have a home that would be timeless and today our home looks like something that would be built right now.

Pickell has always kept their word and fixed even fixed an item outside of their warranty period for us.

Our home still looks great and functions great. I credit this to the Pickell Maintenance Group. They can spot little things before they become big expensive items. They also do all kinds of preventive maintenance that keeps our house running near perfectly.

I have and will continue to recommend the Orren Pickell group to my friends. Thanks for all your help over the years.

Rick Hazan

OPB designed and built our home over 5 years ago. The architects were wonderful. They designed a beautiful home that won 2 HBAGC Key Awards. The built quality is outstanding. Our supervisor was on site constantly making sure all trades were executed to the highest standard. The technicians with the Maintenance Group are very talented. The house still looks brand new to this day. Thank you for the continued high level of service.

Frank & Cindy

We have used the Orren Pickell Maintenance Group program to take care of our home since it was built (by OPB) in 2005. During their twice a year visits, the maintenance team has done an outstanding job of keeping on top (and getting ahead) of all the issues within our house.

The maintenance crew is always friendly, efficient and highly professional. They know their stuff and they know how to manage the contractors who join them during our maintenance days.

The office team is always right on target scheduling our service and managing any follow up work. Everyone in the organization is a breeze to work with.

Seven years later our home still looks and feels brand new. Much of the credit goes to the Orren Pickell Maintenance Group. We highly recommend their services.

Wendy & Darrell Katz

We have been using OPB’s home maintenance service for about ten years and couldn’t be more pleased! We recently sold our OPB built house in the northern suburbs and purchased a house in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. We are pleased to say that OPB’s maintenance service is making the move with us and will be providing continuing maintenance services to our new house in Chicago!

Dennis L.

We have used Orren Pickell maintenance since we moved into our home and couldn’t be happier with the quality of their service and willingness to help us when anything goes wrong in our house. The 24 hour emergency service is invaluable to us. It is a great feeling to know that twice a year, the Orren Pickell team goes through our home to identify issues and help me plan repairs. From power outages to flooded basements, Orren Pickell has always been there to help me with out home.

Suzanne Ellis

We have used Pickell twice now. Once for updating our home exterior and then for a kitchen remodel. All employees were pleasant and professional and fulfilled all promises to perfection. We have recommended them to others and will definitely use them again.

Ann and Steve Levinson

Before building we toured custom homes for years. Every home we really liked was a “Pickell” home. We have been in our Pickell Home for 3 1/2 years. We could have built “a” home with anyone, but we could have only built “this” home with Pickell. They do quality work and were a pleasure to work with. They also provide a wonderful maintenance program.

The Schmidt’s

Thanks to the maintenance department for their timely responses and professional work. It is nice to know someone is available 24/7 if there is a problem in your home. We have been using them for 10 years now, and have been pleased with the great team!

Jan Sorinsky

Beings that we just moved into our beautiful OP built house last Friday, we can’t help but marvel at the craftsmanship, professionalism, and over-all incredible experience we have had with OP Builders and Design team. From start to finish, the OP Builder and Design team are extremely creative, highly accommodating, and second to knowone in quality! thanks OP Builders!

Ray and Andrea Moreland

The Pickell Maintenance Group is extremely professional and responsive. It is refreshing to deal with a company where you find that everyone in the organization meets or exceeds our expectations on a consistent basis. Exceptional service at a fair price.

Tony Franke

I have worked with Orren Pickell Builders since 2005 and love the relationship I have with him and his amazing team. I find them to be honest, fair, looking out for our best interests and producers of the finest quality craftsmanship that is available. I am a very particular customer and they have continued to exceed my dreams every year. Their maintenance team is the best. Fortunately, they hire and keep people on staff. This is extremely helpful as the team really knows my house well and can look at it with a critical eye as I do. They keep the house running and in good shape, and even have a little time at the end of the day to attack my Honey-Do list!

Suzanne Zaccone

Our experience with OPDB has been wonderful. We have been fortunate enough to complete two projects with them and it just keeps getting better! I’ve met some amazing people. The OPDB team is truly unparalleled. Thank you!


We have worked with Orren Pickell’s home maintenance group since they Pickell built our home nine years ago. They have always been responsive, professional and interested in the job getting done properly. I highly recommend them to anyone considering this type of service!

Michael Kahn

OPDB & OPMG are two of my favorite firms to deal with! OPDB designs and builds some of the finest homes I have ever seen! OPMG keeps them looking that way for years to come! Orren and team designed and built my Lake Geneva home and have maintained it every year since it was finished in 2005. People walk in to the home and can’t believe its 7 years old! Looks BRAND new. Jenn and her team keep me posted on what’s needed and when and promptly get it done. I would not want to own the house without them!

Bob Zaccone

I keep Jenn’s number on my speed dial. If my home needs anything, she has her guys here before I can say Orren Pickell. I really like the spring and fall routine maintenance plans too. A special forces tactical team goes through the entire house and fixes everything including changing burned out light bulbs and replacing alarm batteries. Thanks to Jenn and her guys, I have no “honey-do” list. Life is good!

Michael Fasciano

The Pickell team is awesome from start to finish and beyond. Pickell Builders designed our family a beautiful home. The team listened our needs, incorporated those into the design and we are thrilled with the end result. Everyday, we say how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful home and so lucky to have had the Pickell team design and build it with us. If you have the opportunity, don’t pass up the chance to build with Pickell Builders!

Susan & Paul Toback

We set out on this project in 2006 knowing we needed a designer/builder who was flexible and willing to work with our quirky requests. We chose correctly. We wanted to design our house from the basement up, and that is just the start! After living here nearly 4 years, we wouldn’t change one thing. The quality of work and the wonderful folks at Orren Pickell cannot be matched. Plus, the maintenance program they offer is a must!

Howatt Family

Not only was my time under construction a great experience.
Orren said it would be fun and it was. My experience with the maintainance program is also a
pleasure. Our house is kept looking new with the care it deserves. Attention to detail
can be seen everywhere. We go away for the winter months and coming home is thrilling. Thanks.

Claudette Fowler

Our Pickell designed and built home is more than our family could have ever dreamed of. Each time I pull into the driveway, I have to catch my breath and as I think of how fortunate we were to choose the best designer and builder in the country. Our home’s quality is unmatched and looks both inside and out, just as it did when we moved in. Thanks for everything Orren and Team.

Kristin Reyes