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While considering Lake Geneva homes, these homeowners noted that many of the properties they saw featured grand wine cellars. The couple quickly realized that they’d love to have one of their own. However, when they finally found the perfect home, a French Provincial design built by Orren Pickell Building Group in 2007, it turned out that the wine cellar had never been completed.

“There was a room in the basement that was initially intended to be a wine cellar, and I thought, ‘Perfect. I’m going to make it one,'” explained the homeowner.

The family had seen wine cellars in friends’ and relatives’ homes that ran the gamut from simple storage to more inviting destinations with tasting areas. They wanted a hybrid—a space that would hold their growing wine collection while being a comfortable and enjoyable place to relax.

In a conversation with a member of the Pickell team about a minor repair to the 10-year-old home, the subject of a new wine cellar came up. The Pickell team was immediately on board.

“We wanted to extend the home’s stonework into the cellar to create a warm, cave-like setting,” offered the homeowner. “Pickell brought in the original mason to handle the build-out. For us, that was a grand slam.”

Natural stone, mahogany and Brookhaven cabinetry define the space, and a few personal touches make the cellar unique. A backsplash of reclaimed oak wine barrels was inspired by another home the family had seen. And a copper-framed painting purchased from metallurgists in Quebec City looks as if it were commissioned for the space.

The finished cellar holds upwards of 1,000 bottles and has become a sanctuary for the owners. “In the summer, it stays cool and quiet. We use it all the time—I just like to just sit down there, and my wife will come down and ask if I’m ever coming up.”

From the Homeowner:

Outstanding work from start to finish on our wine cellar and tasting room. We wanted to bring in the original stone work to the cellar so that it would blend in with the rest of the home, yet have the look and feel of a special place. OP was able to bring back the original mason and help create a truly unique room that flows nicely yet has a magic of its own. Strong attention to detail and high quality products throughout.