• Discuss your goals, preferences and ideas
  • Explore the existing property

Initial Estimate and Timeline

  • Review project estimate
  • Lay out pre-construction milestones

Pre-Design Meeting

  • Connect with with design team
  • Participate in a collaborative design charette to map out a general concept/bubble diagram of spaces and flows

Design Agreement

  • Authorize the team to proceed to the design phase
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Preliminary Design

  • Focus on first floor
  • Sketch out front elevation
  • Provide updated cost estimate

Blocked-Out Drawings

  • Confirm flow and relationship between spaces
  • Create plans for second floor and lower level
  • Develop elevation drawings for all faces of the building
  • Begin initial cabinet drawings
  • Complete the site development plan

Construction Drawings

  • Add structural engineering elements
  • Determine exterior materials and details
  • Select interior appliances, fixtures and finishes
Bidding and Permitting

Bidding & Contracts

  • Request competitive bids from qualified contractors for all work
  • Calculate final costs
  • Consider ways to optimize the budget based on real numbers


  • Submit all project documents to permitting body
  • Respond to all comments and provide additional documentation as required
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Site Work

  • Remove trees and prepare site
  • Install protective fencing
  • Perform demolition
  • Prep for sewer, water and storm management
  • Install septic system or well
  • Prepare for gas and electric
  • Rough and final grading


  • Excavate home site
  • Pour concrete
  • Lay utility connections
  • Backfill around foundation
  • Set structural steel


  • Rough out walls and spaces
  • Install windows and patio doors
  • Attach roof sheeting
  • Place skylights
  • Install insulation


  • Rough out plumbing
  • Run conduit and electrical
  • Prepare HVAC systems
  • Install fire protection
  • Configure low voltage wiring
  • Install elevators and lifts

Interior Finishes

  • Hang and finish drywall
  • Finish wood floors, stairs and railings
  • Install cabinets, appliances and millwork
  • Complete paint, tile and countertops
  • Install electrical and plumbing fixtures
  • Add mirrors, shower doors and closet shelving
  • Attach door and window hardware
  • Lay carpet
  • Perform deep clean

Exterior Finishes

  • Install roofing
  • Complete masonry, stucco, siding and trim
  • Install garage doors
  • Add gutters, steel and ironwork
  • Complete walks, patios, stoops, driveway and other hardscape elements
  • Install pool, spa or water features
  • Plant landscape
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Post-Closing Site Walk

60-Day Punch List Completion

One-Year Site Walk

Warranty Work Complete

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Biannual Maintenance Program

24-Hour Emergency Service Calls