Our journey began approximately ten and one half years ago when we first became acquainted with Mr. Orren Pickell, his well respected business, and artistically talented professional staff. Beginning with our very first encounter at an OPDB open house, the road we ultimately chose to travel along together has been abundantly fun, amazingly memorable and a continuously enriching experience.

The pleasure truly began when we brought the Pickell group into our lives; sharing our wishes, ideas and visions to build a homestead, that nearly three years later turned into a reality for our daily living. From our meetings to discuss the architectual elevations and floor plans, to the detail and selection process, to the financial planning stage, we derived great pleasure working in tandem with Orren’s organization. That journey took us to a new destination, the creation of OUR HOME. The finished product was even more beautiful than anticipated and far exceeded our hopes and dreams. We believe that the Pickell name is synonymous with fine quality craftsmanship that remains unsurpassed.

Now having resided in our home for seven and a half years we find ourselves still as excited to return home as the day we moved in. We also entrust our twice-yearly maintenance to the Orren Pickell Maintenance Group, knowing that our home will be monitored and maintained with the same integrity with which it was originally built.

With unquestionable certainty and strong passion, we believe in Orren and the OPDB organization and continue to recommend this fine business to prospective new home builders, those remodeling and anyone in need of quality maintenance. We are thrilled to be navigating down the ‘high road’ with such a wonderful company.

We wish Orren and his team the very best and continued success……