Building a custom home is usually an expensive, stressful, unpleasant experience. But with Pickell, our experience was…..FUN! Everything was discussed and made clear up front, the prices were competitive and in line with the level of quality we expected, and we actually enjoyed the design and build processes because we had confidence that things would turn out well.

And they did turn out well: Our home is a wonderful place, one we enjoy every day, one we’re grateful to be able to raise our kids in. As one of the other posters said, every time I drive up to my home, I feel a sense of pride and satisfaction.

The maintenance service is just great too; they come, unobtrusively fix and improve things, explain the work, and leave. No muss, no fuss.

I can’t think of any other company that I get this excited about. If you are thinking of building (or maintaining) a home, just call Pickell. (And I would be happy to talk in person with anyone contemplating a new home, to share my experiences and thoughts first-hand).