I’ve had the Pickell Maintenance team come to my house for nearly 10 years. It is the single best thing I’ve done to make sure my house is maintained and my investment in it is protected. Besides keeping my home in tip-top shape, I believe that over time, I have saved money by doing preventative maintenance and finding cost-effective ways to make repairs and improvements. They do extraordinary work in an integrated, coordinated fashion. Nowhere else can you get this type of all-encompassing care and customer service. Yes, I could independently schedule all of the people who come in to do the maintenance work — plumbers, painters, HVAC, electricians,gutter cleaners, and general maintenance. But it wouldn’t get done consistently, some of the workers would not be up to par, and I know things would be missed. Instead, one call to the Pickell folks and everything is addressed by tested craftsmen and tradesmen in one visit. I have been impressed by Mitch and the other experts that have been assigned to my home. They know the house and they know me and my preferences. I couldn’t more highly recommend this service!