As we are getting down to the last few weeks in our home that your family built for us almost 19 years ago to the day, it’s a bittersweet time for us as we start a new chapter.

We have loved every day in our home and when we selected Pickell to build our dream home (as Liz would say “my” dream house), we had spoken to lots of people and the common comment was, “Pickell builds a quality home but you will pay a premium compared to other builders for the quality and workmanship.”

I believed then and I do today, when you pay for quality you get back the value in spades. I was right then. Our home has been rock solid. There is no creaking wood, no water penetration, just an all around amazing quality built home.

One of the special services you offered day one was the maintenance program. This one phone call, one stop service sets your company apart from all others. A testament is, in 19 years the only appliance we have replaced has been a washer and dryer. All other appliances are working and looking brand new. I am sure if we did not have your team out twice a year to check things, we would have had to replace every appliance including the sub zero wine coolers and refrigerator. I am confident the service paid for itself multiple times.

I hope the new owners of our house continue using your team.

Please thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the fabulous work ethic and service we have received over these years. Above all, please thank your dad for having the vision and the input he had in building our (my) dream home.

We wish everyone all the best and you never know we may move back from the city and build another home!!.