My husband and I became familiar with the work of Orren Pickell about ten years ago when we began attending open houses in homes that had been built or remodeled by Orren Pickell. In 2005 we purchased a home that had been built in 1907, and the following year we chose Orren Pickell to remodel our kitchen.

It was a very exciting process for us, and we enjoyed working with everyone on the Orren Pickell team. We knew what we did not like about our old kitchen and we had some ideas about what we wanted in a new kitchen, but the Orren Pickell kitchen that we have now is far superior to anything that we could have imagined at the time. The Orren Pickell team presented us with three detailed plans for the space, and after a brainstorming session with architects, designers, and our salesman, we came up with a fourth plan that was perfect for us.

The work was carried out on schedule and we were just as impressed with the subcontractors as we were with the Orren Pickell employees. We met carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and a wood repair specialist who were experienced professionals with a passion for their work. They also had a lot of respect for Orren Pickell and were proud to be working on an Orren Pickell project.

After our project was completed, we called Orren Pickell several times, mainly with problems relating to appliances. They always sent people to our home promptly and resolved our problems.

In 2011 we returned to Orren Pickell to design and build our new garage. Jeff Eichorn, the architect who had worked on our kitchen, came up with an amazing design that was a perfect expression of what we wanted. It is a highly functional structure which complements the house beautifully. Once again, the Orren Pickell team gave us great advice on how we could make the project more budget-friendly without sacrificing the charm and character we wanted.

We love our kitchen and our garage. The end result of both projects exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to future projects with Orren Pickell.